event parking services



Focused on efficiency, safety, and security, Solutions Event Services professionals work with clients to develop traffic, parking, and transportation management plans to overcome any event-related challenges.


Whether it is one consultant or an entire team of experienced managers and parking staff, our team develops parking Solutions for events of all sizes and locations, anywhere within the United States.



Solutions Event Services creates a unique traffic, shuttle, and parking plan unique to your event -- an Event Logistics Plan (ELP). Implementation of our ELP at your event ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction. Each ELP accounts for a margin of “planned flexibility” which allows us to handle the small “bumps” in the road and work around them to keep the traffic moving. The ELP will consider the traffic arriving and departing the event site as well as the many varied details of each event, such as:

  • Pedestrian traffic to and from parking areas

  • The need for adequate and easily accessible handicapped parking

  • Emergency vehicle aisles and access routes


When developing a plan, we survey, design, and implement traffic flow patterns and utilize parking areas of any surface. Whether it is grass, pavement, empty lots, dirt, or farmland, we can transform the area into efficient and organized long-term or temporary parking.


During implementation, our experienced staff works in teams to efficiently move vehicles to and from local roads and highways to achieve highly organized parking areas. The teams control the flow of cars within the parking areas, directing them in an orderly fashion to maximize space.